Pictures of a 1930 that is owned by my cousin, Joe Edward Erskin. These pictures were taken at the 1998 Erskin Family reunion. Click the pictures to enlarge.

A 1929 Erskine that belongs to my uncle who bought it several years ago and restored it to its present condition. The pictures were taken at a family reunion in 1993. Click the pictures to enlarge.

The Erskin Automobile

from Studebaker

The Erskine car was manufactured from 1927 to 1930. The history of the Erskine car is almost as interesting as the history of the Erskine clan. The car was the namesake and brainchild of Albert Russel Erskine, who was the president of Studebaker from 1915-1933. Erskine had a stirling reputation as a leader and a business man and was able to show profits even during times when other automobile companies were posting losses. Unfortunatly, the decission to build the Erskine car, which we as Erskines are so proud of, was not one of A.R.Erskine's best decissions.

The story of the Erskine car began in Europe in 1924. Albert Erskine visited Europe in September and October of 1924. While in Europe, he visited many automobile plants and attended automobile shows in both London and Paris. It was during the course of a dinner party that a conversation began about designing a car for the Euorpean market. The idea was so fascinating that the conversation lasted into the early morning. By the time Erskine left the party, it is believed, he had concieved the idea of the Erskine automobile.

The first Erskine was introduced to the world on October 7,1926 at the Grand Palais, in Paris, France. The United Press ran the following announcement: For the first time in the history of European motor car development, an American car has been the sensation of the automobile show in Paris. According to sources, more than 1500 orders were placed at the exhibition for the Erskine cars.

The car that Erskine imagined would combine the finements in body detail and precision workmanship of European cars with the durability, power and performance of American cars. Unfortunately, his design was not appreciated by the American consummer. In 1930, the last year that the Erskine car was produced, the price had topped over $1000.00. Sales was reported at only about 25,000 per year, not enough to make a profit. And, even though the Erskine was concieved for a European market, no substantial European market was ever developed.

In May, 1930, the Erskine named was dropped and the Model 53 was continued as the Studebaker Six -- a name that was already well accepted by the public.

Here is an ad that ran in The Saturday Evening Post on January4, 1930, the last year the Erskine was manufactured.

Here are some specifications for TheErskine

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I also have pictures of the Albert Russel Hotel and other items related to Albert Russel Erskine in Hunt sville,Alabama